Cattle Foot Trimming

Lameness detection   •   Foot trimming   •   Data recording


Vet Techs

VT 02-2014 (42) (1)Our large team of Veterinary Technicians are all Diploma of NACFT 3 qualified and receive six monthly CPD sessions to ensure a high standard of cattle foot trimming and knowledge is maintained. They use a variety of equipment including roll over and upright crushes.

Mobility scoring is a hugely valuable tool for the early detection of lameness and is often carried out as an integral part of lameness control on many farms. This service is also available for auditing purposes which may be required by milk buyers or the farm for bench marking purposes.

Records of both mobility scoring and foot trimming sessions are kept on a specially developed software system. This allows us to analyse and feedback patterns of disease and track progress.

The Vet Tech activities on farm are closely monitored and fully supported by our veterinary team and we encourage referral of problem cows to prevent the accumulation of ‘chronic’ cows in the herd. We believe that different farms have different requirements and so aim to be as flexible as possible in our provision of services.

Lameness Services

We aim to be able to ‘practice what we preach’ in terms of early intervention and there is no minimum number of animals that we will see:

  • Individual mobility scoring and/or cattle foot trimming sessions
  • Regular cattle foot trimming sessions with or without prior mobility scoring to identify animals needing attention as well as ‘routine trims’.
  • ‘Lameness Contract’ for a set fee/cow regular  mobility scoring and cattle trimming sessions are set up as appropriate with newly identified lame cows being attended to within 48 hours. There are restrictions on geography with this service and the farm is required to have at least a basic but safe facility for the handling of single lame cows.
  • Lame Cow Service – we strongly believe that lame cows must be attended to as soon as possible after identification. Providing that on farm facilities are adequate and geography allowing a Vet Tech can visit your farm on the same/next day to provide an expert trim.

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