Cattle Lameness Academy Seminar – 2016

Cattle Lameness Academy Seminar – 2016

On 3rd March 2016, the Cattle Lameness Academy (CLA) held a seminar in Somerset, bringing together many years of collaboration with institutions across the board, with the aim of putting lameness research into practice.

The CLA brings together the expertise and enthusiasm of two veterinary practices from across the UK under the RAFT Solutions banner, involving specialists in the field of lameness to deliver; Research, Training, Consultancy and bespoke services (including cattle foot trimming) to the agricultural industry.

We are dedicated to the improvement of lameness in cattle through the application of ‘best practice’ originating from peer reviewed academic research, evidence based medicine and many combined years of clinical and on-farm experience.

In order for the Dairy Industry to make progress in battling lameness on farm, we needed a joined up team approach involving as many stakeholders as possible. Through building on many years of collaboration with the University of Nottingham Dairy Herd Health Group and The Royal Veterinary College amongst others, the academy is working in partnership with these institutions and many other partners across the UK and beyond to put lameness research into practice.

Our seminar included an incredible gathering of speakers, and we hope that together we will be able to provide an update of cutting edge lameness research to fulfil our philosophy of providing a link for ‘Research into Practice’.

Click here for an overview of the speakers from the day


‘Practical aspects of ‘on farm’ Digital Dermatitis control’

To gain a greater understanding on lameness control in dairy herds, why not visit NADIS’ web page on Sole Ulceration – Causes, Treatment and Control. Supported by one of the Cattle Lameness Academy’s sponsors, Bayer.

We would also like to signpost all invitees to the Cattle Lameness Conference that takes place on 20th April 2016 at Worcester Rugby Club.

The Cattle Lameness Academy team would like to thank their sponsors for their support.

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