HK3The CLA has been involved in all aspects of lameness consultancy both here in the UK and abroad for many years. Members of the CLA were involved in the early stages of the development of the Dairy Co Healthy Feet Programme. Seven of the team are currently mobility mentors for the programme and Jon has been involved with training a large number of the current mobility mentors. Extension work has included carrying out this role across the South West as well as for the monitor farms in Scotland.

The CLA see the Dairy Co Healthy Feet programme as an integral part of lameness control on dairy units and Mark presented some of the important findings of some of these investigations at the recent International Lameness Conference in Bristol.

Our vets have been asked to speak or carry out lameness work both in the UK and overseas including trips to the UAE, Turkey, China, USA, Russia, Japan and New Zealand.

Three of the vets involved with the Cattle Lameness Academy regularly consult for two of the major supermarket chains as well as providing input to the Dairy Mobility Steering group as well as the Nottingham Dairy Herd Health Group. Mark Burnell and Jon Reader were co authors for the recent Lameness Chapter of ‘Dairy Herd Health’ (edited by Prof. Martin Green).

For the last few years our vets have increasingly been asked to input into training programmes including the BCVA advanced practitioner course, AHDB Healthy Feet Programme training, Local BVA associations, XLVets Training Services, XLVets Vet Tech training as well as bespoke courses for other interested parties.

Three of the vets involved with the CLA have undergone expert witness training and are comfortable to be involved with appropriate  legal work.

If you think your organisation needs advice or help in any aspect of cattle lameness on farms please do not hesitate to contact us.

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