Training courses

We offer a diverse programme to meet the varying needs of vets, trimmers and farmers wherever they practice and whatever the starting level of experience. Time away from the business needs to be well spent, therefore every CLA event is designed to be of real and measurable benefit.

Upcoming course topics include:

Lantra approved 1,2 or 3-day course –

Aimed at individuals with some experience in foot trimming as well as those requiring competency in routine hoof trimming. The course will cover more in depth anatomy and how lameness develops. There will an emphasis on preventative hoof trimming by the use of the modified 5 step hoof trimming method. The safe use of grinders will be introduced throughout this course and includes at least 2 days of practical experience. Lunch will be provided and the Lantra registration is included in the course fee. Certificate of competency will be provided on successful completion by assessment at the end of the session.

RoMS Accredited Mobility Scoring –

Learn the ins and outs of cattle mobility scoring, to target cattle lameness on farm. Led by our Cattle Lameness team, our interactive course focuses on delivering a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the impacts of lameness on farm. Our course provides attendees with the necessary skills required to go on to qualify as an Accredited Mobility Scorer on the Register of Mobility Scorers (RoMS).

Visit the Synergy Farm Health website to view and register for a course, you can also call the office on 01935 83682 or e-mail us using the Contact Us page.

If you are interested in any other cattle training courses such as DIY AI, calving, nutrition and many more, please get in touch or visit Synergy Farm Health’s main website here.