Data recording

The CLA recognises the importance of data recording and analysis to build up an accurate picture of the lameness situation on a farm. To this end Synergy Farm HealthHerdkeeper Software working in conjunction with a local software company have developed a bespoke software package for recording both mobility scoring and foot trimming.

The software facilitates the early detection and treatment of lameness. Mobility scorers are equipped with a cow side recording ruggedised tablet that immediately produces a report for the farmer for cows that require a foot inspection within 24 to 48 hours.

Following foot trimming, all results/lesions are recorded to a zonal level and again a report produced for the farmer. Cows can be easily ‘refer red to vet’ to ensure appropriate follow up and thus maximising the team approach to foot health.

Results are categorised by the session or over a prolonged period to build up a better understanding of the dynamics of lameness on the unit. These results can then very easily be fed into the ‘lameness diamond’ that forms such an integral part of the Dairy Co Healthy Feet Programme.

Additional analysis cantreatment of cattle be carried out down to lesion level on a particular area of the foot as well as a dynamic analysis on repeated mobility scores to monitor new cases as well as the ‘cure’ rate and reduction in chronic cases.

Practices across the country have been embracing this ground breaking technology. Synergy Farm Health alone recorded the foot trimming data from 17,000 cows in 2014. This data collection has allowed a meaningful comparison of lesion prevalence data over the last few years and members of the CLA presented this data at the International Lameness Conference in Bristol in 2013.