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Here’s a round-up of recent media publications from the CLA team:



‘How to tackle chronic dairy cow lameness and mobility’ article written by Beth Reilly and published in Farmers Weekly.


Tackling lameness in the dairy industry. Veterinary Practice, March 2020. Authors: Beth Reilly and Jon Reader.



‘Team approach to Lameness ‘ by Reuben Newsome, Dave Phillips, Rhiannon Purbrick and Mark Burnell. Work presented by Dave Phillips in Toyko, Japan at the International Lameness in Ruminants Conference.

‘Sole Thickness in Jersey and Cross Bred Dairy Breeds’ by Beth Reilly, Mark Burnell and Nick Bell. Work presented by Reuben Newsome in Toyko Japan at the international lameness in ruminants conference.


Management of claw horn lesions; a practitioner’s guide through the literature, by Reuben Newsome, Beth Reilly and Jon Reader. Published in UK Livestock, VOl. 24.



Livestock Matters Summer Edition featured a short summary of the CLA seminar here. A more detailed review will be featured in the Autumn issue, so watch this space!


“A team approach to tackling lameness”: a case study in the Farmer’s Guardian on how our vets, vet techs and farmers work together to get the most out of a lameness control programme.

The Vet Tech Team received a highly presitgious recommendation at the Dairy Cream Awards, being Commended for the “Dairy Team of the Year” – a fantastic recognition of their continued work delivering expert services to farms.



“Claw horn lesions: what they are, the causes and treatments”: an article in the Farmer’s Weekly featuring some of Reuben Newsome’s PhD research, which demonstrates the permanent damage within the foot that occurs with lameness, highlighting the critical importance of early lameness detection and immediate, effective treatment.


“Current hot topics surrounding the prevention and treatment of digital dermatitis”: an article in CIS by Reuben and Jon giving top tips for getting digi under control.

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