The Cattle Lameness Academy (CLA) is a group dedicated to the improvement of lameness in cattle through the application of ‘best practice’ originating from peer reviewed academic research, evidence based medicine  and many combined years of experience.

The Academy brings together Specialists in the field of Lameness to deliver Research, Training, Consultancy and bespoke services (including foot trimming) to the agricultural industry.

Following many years of collaboration with the University of Nottingham we are proud to be working with their Dairy Herd Health Group (NDHHG) to deliver ground breaking research into the field and to work closely with farmers, farmer groups as well as retailers and processors to provide a bridge between cutting edge research and everyday practical work on farm.

Knowledge transfer to all parts of the industry including farm workers, managers, contractors, consultants and veterinary surgeons is a central part of our activity and we have a wide training program to suit all needs.

We are also able to provide on farm practical solutions via our team of veterinary technicians and veterinary support. Mobility scoring and various packages of foot trimming are available services and we utilise our bespoke software to record and report all findings.  We have a large and unique data base of cow foot records in the UK.

We believe that we can provide an effective bespoke solution to your lameness needs whatever your organisation.

Our vets and vet techs all hold recognised foot trimming qualifications and have attended training courses in both Holland and USA.